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Power Hour 2021 Series: Master the Government Marketing Skills You Need in the Time You Have

March 18th @2:00 p.m. ET
Virtual Event
Insight, tips and advice from federal, state and local CIO’s to enhance your marketing efforts. What technology trends are they seeing and how we can fuse government and industry together to foster robust, open, transparent, and ethical communication and collaboration.

GAIN 2020 Conference now available on-demand!

Everything you need for marketing growth in 2021! 27 speakers over the course of 19 high-energy training sessions and all on-demand! GAIN 2020 has the tools, insights and inspiration you need to take your government marketing to the next level

Sole Survivor

Stand-alone government marketers on your quest to create government marketing campaigns for your company’s government prospects, customers and partners.

Health IT

Discuss new and emerging trends in digital services, artificial intelligence, automation, health data analytics and interoperability, as well as cybersecurity in the Health IT industry.

Focus Groups

Hosted by GMarkU and facilitated by Market Connections, 8-10 leaders from various companies will be brought together by invitation to 90-minute marketing discussions.


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