29 Truths About Working in Public Sector Marketing (revisited)

John Meyer

  1. You have experienced a brief moment when you thought you might never get out of the Reagan Building parking garage.
  2. You live in Maryland and are the only one of your friends that has been to Tysons Corner.
  3. Yes, you care if they crop your logo.
  4. You have extremely strong opinions about specific fonts.
  5. At some point in your career, you spoke as if you understood enterprise architecture.
  6. You’ve mastered the art of reading the name tag of the person standing in the group behind the person you are talking to.
  7. You fill a little uncomfortable calling your SME a “smee” to their face.
  8. You don’t want to know where the leads go.
  9. Scheduling your conference room is more complicated than filing your taxes.
  10. You are disappointed that your life isn’t more enhanced by IPv6.
  11. You’ve categorized some of your coworkers as the “blogs” and the “blog-nots.”
  12. You hate golf shirts (although not as much as denim shirts.)
  13. You’ve spent more than 10 minutes on a conference call before you realized you didn’t know any of the other people on the line.
  14. Your product costs a billion dollars.
  15. You’ve had dreams of having a budget of your own someday (although more than happy to continue to spend other people’s marketing $).
  16. You’ve thought: “Fill your own damn funnel.”
  17. You’ve actually made it to the end of a webinar.
  18. You have a favorite lanyard.
  19. Oh, you have all kinds of thoughts about that 37-page whitepaper.
  20. You sometimes feel you are doing all the thinking for your thought leader.
  21. Thanks to technology, you now have to get dressed up for conference calls.
  22. Your kids have no idea what your company does.
  23. The commercial side just doesn’t get the federal marketplace and you are tired of carrying them.
  24. You have started to use acronyms for the non-work aspects of your life.
  25. That film class you took in college is actually becoming useful.
  26. You’ve applied makeup to your boss.
  27. You don’t care if it is pronounced with a hard ‘g’ or a soft ‘g’ you just want your gif’s background to be transparent.
  28. “Seriously? Do they realize I only have 140 characters!!!!”
  29. Your feet always hurt.