Eight Reasons Our Alignment with GovExec Helps the Marketer Win 

Stephanie Geiger, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder, Government Marketing University

We recently announced the exciting news around the GovExec acquisition of Government Marketing University. 

“Now we have a great and powerful engine behind us to support our community,” said Stephanie Geiger, co-founder and newly named executive vice president of Government Marketing University (GMarkU), in explaining why the recent acquisition of the learning organization supports the marketer.

“This has been our goal all along,” said co-founder and strategic advisor Lou Anne Brossman. “We are beyond excited to find such a wonderful home for our members and a strategic partner for the future.”

Here are the top eight reasons why we love this merger and acquisition

What’s In It for the Marketer? 

  1. Joining Forces with a Collaborative Network – GovExec is a leading industry media outlet in the public sector and features compelling content, ideas, and business intelligence tools for government marketers and federal contractors in the community.  GMarkU will benefit from this additional in-depth content and ideation potential across all our courses and training platforms.
  2. Garnering Market Intel  –GMarkU will now leverage GovExec Media’s massive data warehouse to provide you with in-depth market insights, marketing strategy tips and tricks, latest fed career moves, and keep you up to speed on what’s going on across public sector— making it easier on all members to stay on top of this fast-paced marketplace.
  3. Conference Planners who Know Your Business – the GovExec Media Group conference team hosts amazing events including Defense One, the Government Hall of Fame Awards (‘The Teddies’) and the upcoming Emerging Tech Summit. We look forward to having access to event planners across the team to continue delivering excellent in-person and virtual events to our community. A larger team means great opportunity to reach our global audience.
  4. Leaders who Build Community— Tim Hartman, Connie Sayers and other key thought leaders within the GovExec family will be bringing their creativity, insights and mentorship to GMarkU members and to our staff.
  5. Expanded Leadership Role for Stephanie Geiger – “I promise to bring my passion for empowering the next generation Marketer to GMarkU” and her new EVP leadership role with the platform gives the runway to do so.
  6. Engaging Programming and the Powerful GAIN Conference –Marketers can expect even higher ROI with more GovExec insights and virtual sharing through this alignment. GAIN is now virtual over three days with a focus on strategy, reaching government personas and building trust*.
  7. Incredible Support Network for New Government Pros – we identify talent early and bring entry-level to mid-manager level professionals up-to-speed on skills and a sense of community and belonging to this industry.
  8. It’s a Match Made in Washington  GovExec and Government Marketing University are a perfect match. Our Founders first considered the power of the combined forces with the marketer at the top of our list.

Powered by its community, GMarkU’s platform delivers insights, best practices, idea sharing, and networking to empower government contractors to improve their marketing and sales output and grow their careers. It complements GovExec’s strong public sector portfolio. Learn more about what Government Marketing University and GovExec combined forces can do for your career!

*GAIN 2021 is the premier government marketing conference where over 500 of the brightest minds in government marketing come together to share best practices and learn about new tools