Attention GAINers– It’s Your Favorite Time of The Year

Each year, GAIN brings government marketing professionals together with subject matter experts, government officials and their peers. This year’s attendees will learn how to hone their strategic marketing skills, understand government personas, and craft a successful campaign strategy along with other marketing best practices. We asked members of the Government Marketing University community why they’re excited to be a part of the 2021 GAIN Conference.

Here’s what they said:

It brings together the community. GMarkU’s tagline is “For the People … By the People” and this rings true in how GMarkU assembles seasoned government experts from our community come together to be a part of GAIN. This group includes government marketers, thought leaders, government executives, media, sales leaders and more — all contributing their time and knowledge to deliver a unique and content-rich program. GAIN attendees and speakers are connected not only by what they do (marketing) but who they do it for (government) and their dedication to furthering their knowledge.

“These are my people; they speak my language. We have a common purpose to help each other sharpen our skills to bring value back into our organizations and to our clients,” said Andrea Mohamed, Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Communications, RTI International.

It makes you a stronger government marketer. Whether you are marketing for a multi-billion-dollar systems integrator or small organization, GAIN is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to navigate the U.S. Public Sector market. GAIN helps to provide the training and knowledge government marketers need to strengthen their organization’s government marketing efforts all while also connecting with their marketing peers.

“I am most excited about GAIN 2021, focusing strictly on the marketer. I think we get caught up in trends and market conditions and get stuck in tactical mode. The strategy must lead the way for any successful marketing program, and I think this year’s GAIN will help government marketers see the forest through the trees and how we, as marketers, can genuinely help impact the bottom line,” said Blake Eckert, Director of Marketing & Communications, Geocent.

It fills a knowledge gap within the industry. Public Sector marketing is a unique niche that is often overlooked and minimized by many marketing organizations and businesses. There is an unfulfilled need in our market today for a platform for knowledge sharing, career development and networking opportunities for professionals in government marketing. GAIN helps fill that need and helps government marketers learn the skills they need to grow their careers and market to the public sector.

“I’ve been a lifelong marketer, but public sector marketing has some nuance to it that I’ve not seen addressed in other professional forums that more typically focus on B2B or B2C marketing. GAIN gives marketers an opportunity to engage more deeply and share expertise with other government marketers,” said Mohamed.

It teaches the next generation. Someone might be brand new in their role marketing to the U.S. Public Sector Government, or looking to break into the field, or may have been in their role for a while but are looking to grow their skillset. GAIN 2021 will help marketers at every level understand the complexity of the government and learn how to successfully build a strategic marketing plan, while supporting their career growth.

“The federal space can be a great place to build a career if you’re interested in the nuances of the market. I was fortunate to have some great mentors when I came into the market, and I think it’s important that the next generation can learn from the successes and mistakes of those who have been here for a while,” said Allan Rubin, Marketing Leader, Global Public Sector, Conduent.