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Public Affairs Officers can be extremely valuable to marketers. Yes, they do say no on occasion, but they also say yes often and can be helpful facilitators for many of your marketing needs. They are the facilitator of information in government.

Listen in to learn from government PAO’s on how to get to YES in obtaining permission to use their agency’s logo,  request a government speaker or a quote or the holy grail of government marketing: a case study and so much more!

Chris O’Neil, PAO at NTSB said: “We’re not there to be a roadblock, we’re there to help you get what you need.”

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A Conversation with Cindy Your of DISA

Understanding how best to interact with federal communications professionals can save you time and help meet your marketing goals. Listen in as we speak with Cindy Your, Chief of the Strategic Communications Office inside DISA. Cindy speaks with GMarkU about the structure of her organization, how to work with her on contract award announcements and more.

A Conversation with John Verrico of DHS

Is your company one of the numerous “private sector performers” working with the DHS? Listen in as we talk marketing coordination with John Verrico, Chief of Media Relations for DHS’s Science and Technology Directorate. John talks about the formal and informal rules around working with his office, and shares other best practices from his time as President of the National Association of Government Communicators.

A Conversation with Jeremy Lasich of Fairfax County Government

Fairfax County, VA is one of the most prosperous and forward-thinking counties in the United States. Listen in as we speak with Jeremy Lasich, Deputy Director in the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs. Jeremy shared information on how to interact with his dispersed organization, including how working through individual regional supervisors can often lead to faster results for marketers.

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