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The Federal View podcast series offers candid commentary and insight on current headlines and hot topics from GMarkU Ambassadors, who are all former government trailblazers who served in senior leadership roles.

During their federal tenure, they were faced daily with the challenges of digital transformation, cloud computing, cybersecurity as well as the many other IT mandates and legislation that crossed their agency’s desks. During these podcasts, our Ambassadors look behind the “IT” hype and candidly discuss how they would prioritize their time and their budgets today.

Course Overview

What is the Inside Scoop on Efforts to Reorganize and Reduce the Workforce?

In today’s government arena, there has been plenty of change, which includes budgetary challenges, workforce reductions, and other Executive Orders that could impact both government and industry leaders. The following Federal View podcast panel interview shines a light on how government leaders can best navigate these new waters, and tackle new workforce challenges.

How Can Companies Leverage Federal Fiscal End-Of-Year (EOY) Sweeps?

From an industry perspective, there are new challenges and opportunities for best securing new contracts before the close of the Federal Fiscal End-Of-Year (EOY). Cyber security, data analytics, and infrastructure seem to be rising to the top. The following Federal View podcast provides key insights into how industry members can best manage the “EOY Sweeps” in ways that can both boost revenue, and help to meet government mission needs.

How Can Your Company Support Federal Agencies Organizational Reforms?

With all of the change happening in government – especially in the form of organizational reform – many federal leaders need to embrace new ways of thinking and approaches that positively impact their agencies and employees. The following Federal View podcast provides true insights into how agency leaders can best manage change in ways that positively impact employees and overall agency missions.

How Are Fed IT Executives Affected By Trump’s New American Technology Council?

Launched as an Executive Order in May 2017, President Trump’s American Technology Council aims to help federal government to transform and modernize its information technology and how it uses and delivers digital services. The following Federal View podcast provides insights into what federal IT executives need to know for managing and meeting these new innovation-focused efforts by the current administration.

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