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The Government Huddle Podcast Series will take a deep dive on current trends, making bold, educated predictions about the market, learning from expert guests and discovering innovative concepts on how to respond to all of this. So join us as we talk about all the things government marketers need to know about today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Episode 35: The One with the Army Futures Command CIO

Hannah Hunt, Chief Innovation Officer for the Army Futures Command, and a recent Forbes 30 Under 30 award recipient joins the show to discuss how the US Army is driving digital transformation efforts through internal software development.

Episode 34: The One with the Former NFL Wide Receiver

Austin Collie, former NFL wide receiver and current business development executive at JOLT Advantage Group joins the show to discuss what playing in the NFL taught him about becoming a better in his role as an IT professional. We also discuss why RPA is bringing so much value to enterprise organizations, his secret to learning complex playbooks, and gives listeners a first-hand glimpse at what it is like to play in the Super Bowl.

Episode 33: The One with the Merritt Group Federal SVP

Matt Donovan, Senior Vice President for Government at Merritt Group joins the show to discuss the importance of developing agency-based marketing programs as part of your GTM strategy. We also discuss tactical steps to begin to building your messaging platform, new digital marketing technologies in the market you can take advantage of today, and best practices in delivering strategic value to your sales leaders.

Episode 32: The One with the City of Chattanooga CIO

Brent Messer, Chief Information Officer for the City of Chattanooga joins the show to discuss the city’s selection into the G20 Global Smart Cities program. We also discuss their move to completely remove paper from their enterprise environment and what he went through when the pandemic first kicked-off.

Episode 31: The One with the ServiceNow Federal CTO

Jonathan Alboum, Federal CTO at ServiceNow, and Former CIO at the Department of Agriculture joins the show to discuss the value low-code technology can bring to the public sector. We also discuss what government CIO’s are currently thinking as they enter a new normal and insights from his extensive career in the public sector.

Episode 30: The One with the British Columbia Digital Chief

Jaimie Boyd, Chief Digital Officer for the Government of British Columbia joins the show to discuss the core technology principles that were developed to support the digital transformation evolution of her province. We also discuss the importance of the open data provided by governments around the globe to catalyze innovation and her advice for women in the technology space looking to advance in their fields.

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