Know any fearless government marketers who have excelled in their careers by taking risks, pushing the limits, and achieving stand out successes in government marketing? Nominate them today for the 2020 GAINER Government Marketing Awards and give them and their company the recognition and accolades they have worked so hard for!The GAINER Awards celebrate the best in government marketing across the U.S. Public Sector. Campaigns that have raised the bar with Growth, Acceleration, Innovation and Networking will be recognized. Share your story with us today!

Want to know how to start the recognition?

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Application Process

The application/submission process is online, making it easier than ever to access and submit from anywhere.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is September 15, 2020


Individual, companies or agencies may enter multiple submissions in one or more award categories.

Award Ceremony

GAINER Finalists will be announced on Wednesday, September 16th. The GAINER awards will be presented at the 5th annual GAIN 2020 “Virtual” Conference on Tuesday, November 17th. GAIN 2020 will be held virtually this year over a span of 4 days (November 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th). To learn more visit us at


  • Must have executed the marketing program between June 1, 2019 thru June 30th, 2020
  • Applicants (individual, companies or agencies) may enter multiple submissions in one or more award categories.
  • Award winners must be willing to share marketing case study at GAIN 2020 Conference
  • Entries close September 15, 2020
  • Non-Disclosure: Government Marketing University will keep all submission data and materials strictly confidential and will not disclose any information from the submissions without formal authorization from the applicant.

The 2020 GAINER Government Marketing Awards includes six categories:

Lead Generation (1 award)

  • Are you performing at the top of your government marketing game? This award is for government marketers who have demonstrated a keen knowledge of implementing an approach that combined targeted marketing that increased mindshare, strengthened prospect/customer relationships and drove measurable ROI.

Social Media (1 award)

  • Are you a social media Superstar? This award celebrates the very best in government social media communications and rewards the individual who is using online platforms to communicate in fresh and innovative ways. Are you producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other social media platforms to reach your target government audience?

Brand Awareness (1 award)

  • Have you cut thru the noise with brand awareness campaigns? Brand awareness is the extent to which your brand is recognized by potential government customers.  Tell us how you did it and how many impressions you had.  Do you have any evidence of success you’ve been dying to share with your government marketing peers?  If so, let us know by submitting for this award!

Events (1 award)

  • Set. Go! Are you the master at government marketing events?  This award highlights the government marketing superstar who has cracked the code on maximizing event investments while standing out among your competition.

Partner Marketing (1 award)

  • Have you been a collaborative Rockstar? This award showcases government marketers who have maximized budget dollars by partnering with OEM’s, VAR’s or Distributors to amplify your joint marketing efforts.  Have you exceeding all expectations with use of Market Development Funds (MDF)?  If so, tell us how you did it!

Innovation (1 award)

  • Are you pushing the limits in creativity with innovative and creative government marketing programs? This award recognizes a government marketer who has taken a unique and different approach in capturing your customer’s interest with out-of-the-box thinking.  We all crave new ways of marketing so please tell us how you truly exceeded in an innovative marketing campaign.

Marketing During COVID-19

Did you successfully pivot a face-to-face event to a “virtual” event? Did you quickly and efficiently reallocate marketing budget that was no longer needed for government tradeshows/conferences that had been cancelled to other creative and ROI driven marketing campaigns? Did you create a new marketing campaign in response to COVID-19 in a way to help government face these turbulent times using your products/solutions? Tell us about new and innovative ways you handled marketing during a Pandemic and it just may win you a GAINER award!

Former Winners

GAINER Award Winners have made significant strides in excelling at creating innovative government marketing campaigns and are at the forefront of advancing government marketing excellence. We are thrilled to honor and celebrate these superstars in government marketing. We also congratulate our finalists and look forward to their continued contributions within our government marketing community!

2019 GAINER Award Winners

2019 GAINER Award Winners (left to right):

  • Events: Brandon Shoup, Carahsoft
  • Events: Lisa Sherwin Wolf, SolarWinds (Team Accepting Award)
  • Lead Generation: Allison Mason, Red Hat (Team Accepting Award)
  • Partner Marketing: Laura Curtis, ViON Corporation
  • Brand Awareness: Oliver Nutt, General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Innovation: Seabreeze Osburn and Jennifer Held, Amazon Web Services
  • Lead Generation: Tom Mahoney, DLT Solutions
  • 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award (not pictured): Lisa Dezzutti, Market Connections, Inc.

2018 GAINER Award Winners

2018 GAINER Award Winners (left to right):

  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award: Mark Amtower, Amtower and Company
  • Robert Shea, Grant Thornton
  • Shelie Brooks, NetApp (not pictured Karen Borosky, NetApp)
  • Lesley Rogers, CenturyLink
  • Josie Smoot, Iron Bow
  • Liz Anthony, ViON
  • Cathy Cromley, SailPoint
  • David Salati, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Maria Moore, DLT Solutions

Also pictured on right: Lou Anne Brossman, CEO and Founder, Government Marketing University

2020 Submissions

Nominee: a person who is proposed or formally entered as a candidate for award
Nominator: a person one who nominates (if you are submitting on your own behalf this could be you; if you are submitting on behalf of your client, it’s your company name)

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