Contributing their time, knowledge, expertise and valuable insight on how to engage with government decision makers.


Seasoned government leaders with knowledge to share

Government Marketing University engages former government executives to share valuable insights from their perspective as public sector customers and decision-makersGMarkU believes the marketplace is most effective and responsive when vendors understand what government customers need and can articulate their value propositions in ways that resonate with government buyers. Our Ambassadors are former public sector executives who bring the “voice of government” and the viewpoints of government managers to GMarkU.  They are enthusiastic about educating others by sharing their experience, providing frank insights into the inner workings of government and passing along practical advice so vendors can better serve and educate government customers.  


Don’t take our word. Hear what other GMarkU Ambassadors have to say:

Kimberly Hancher

Former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is now a consultant with Deep Water Point:

I joined the GMarkU Ambassador Program because it offered me a position of influence after retiring from the federal government as a member of the senior executive service (SES).  As a GMarkU Ambassador, I have been a keynote speaker, a radio talk show host, and a panelist at GMarkU events.  It has given me an entrée to interact with private sector marketing executives and other major players who do business with Federal, State, Local and Tribal governments.  I have a new found appreciation for the challenges faced by IT companies who offer software, hardware, services and solutions to government agencies.

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Kirit Amin

4+ Decades in Federal Government Leadership Roles

Emily Harman

Founder, Emily Harman Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Greg Giddens

Co-Founder and Partner, Potomac Ridge Consulting

Jim Williams

Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service and Acting Administrator

Tom Bush

Senior Executive Service, Section Chief, Programs Development Section, Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS)

Steve Cooper

Former CIO, Department of Commerce (DOC)

Sean W. Kelley

Former CISO, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Karen Britton

Former CIO, Executive Office of the President, The White House

Henry Sienkiewicz

Former CIO and Designated Authorizing Authority (DAA), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Don Upson

Former Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia

Pete Tseronis

Former CTO, Director of Network Services, US Department of Energy (DOE)

Martha A. Dorris

Founder, Dorris Consulting International

Kimberly Hancher

Chair, GMarkU Ambassadors

Reasons to become a GMarkU Ambassador:

“Government Marketing University affords former Federal executives the opportunity to collaborate with public- and private-sector partners supporting the Spirit of “Open Government” principles. Serving as an Ambassador with GMarkU aligns with my Dots and Bridges mission to discover, cultivate and enhance relationships with thought leaders and change agents. I highly encourage my Government executive colleagues to consider serving as a GMarkU Ambassador, especially if you are considering a transition out of the Federal Government. The chance to learn from those that have walked this path is invaluable.”​

— Pete Tseronis, CEO Dots and Bridges LLC​

  • GMarkU is seeking former government executives who are passionate about improving the government marketplace. Share your insights into how vendors can do better at serving government prospects and customers.
  • Promote your personal brand. Extend your voice and thought leadership to the government marketplace community.
  • Learn from your peers in industry. Gain insights into how the industry side of the government marketplace works and thinks.
  • Grow your business. Whether you work for a company or on your own, the contacts you will make through involvement with GMarkU can contribute to your success.
  • Give back.
    • Help educate young professionals who are making careers in the government marketplace.
    • Collaborate with the private sector as they strive to help government reach their missions with their technology and services.

Become an Ambassador

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