April 2021 Issue

A Note from the GMarkU CEO

We are now over a year into our new reality of doing government marketing during a Pandemic. As I look across our landscape of government marketers and our vendor community, I am very proud of how we’ve collaborated to meet the challenges and conquered our new reality of reaching our government prospects and customers in a ways we never expected. I want to say a big Thank You to each of our vendors who responded quick and efficiently to ensure our marketing campaigns met this new reality. Without them, it would have been very difficult to ensure government marketers reached their goals for lead generation, brand awareness, virtual events, PR, social media and the list goes on.

So government marketing vendors – Thank You!

A special thanks go out to our GMarkU Strategic Partners. We’ve listed them below in the April 2021 edition of “The Beat”. If you are not engaging with them we encourage you to do so and would love to make an introduction if you’d like.

Lou Anne

“Need to Know” Expand your Knowledge of Marketing to the Department of Defense

All government marketers should download this DoD Toolkit to gain insight into how to expand your company’s exposure within the DoD.

The Office of Industrial Policy is committed to making it easier for businesses to understand the various avenues available to work with the Department of Defense. They’ve made it easier for Government Marketers with this fantastic informational toolkit.

In the Defense Acquisition Toolkit, brought to you by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment, you will find a visual representation of the key touchpoints for any business that might wish to create or expand their relationship with the Department of Defense.

LinkedIn Live: #ChatwithaPro
May 13th @2:00p.m. ET

Mark your calendars for May 13th @2:00p.m. ET for GMarkU’s Chat-with-a-Pro LinkedIn LIVE series where we will chat with government and industry thought leaders for reality learning in real-time, with a professional twist. The Pros will share behind-the-scenes insights that have influenced government transformation in cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Exclusively from Government Marketing University and Government Executive Media Group.

Marketing Communications Series: Online Marketing 101 – Actionable Training for State and Local Governments

Empower your citizens to respond and engage with your online marketing by attending “Online Marketing 101” training on Thursday, May 20th at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Online Marketing 101 will teach you how to leverage online/digital marketing best practices for communicating with your citizens. You will learn the basics of online marketing to ensure your message is getting the attention of your citizens and that they are engaging with you while improving your ROI. This training is brought to you by Government Marketing University.

By attending this training, you will leave with actionable insights you can immediately apply to your citizen engagement efforts.
All participants will receive a “Top 10” list of Online Marketing Actionable Insights for reference.

This training is intended for those working in State and Local Governments.

Get Involved with GMarkU Communities of Interest Groups

Come together with like-minded government marketers who share a common interest or passion for exchange of ideas and collaboration on best practices.

A benefit offered to our GMarkU students is to be a part of one of our Communities of Interest (COIs), Join one today for learning opportunities and sharing of best practices in specialized areas of government marketing and sales to effect positive change while networking with your peers with similar interests.

Career Center: Job Alerts!

If you are looking for your next job opportunity or want to advance your career in your present situation, Government Marketing University provides you with resources to propel your career forward in our Career Center.

One way we do this is by bringing job seekers and potential employers together to help you find meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities as part of our Career Center Offerings.

Check out our great government marketing job opportunities.

New Offering! GMarkU has a new offering for our community where we will help you with your resume – email us at lbrossman@gmarku.com for more info.


How to Maximize Impact in State and Local Government

Hilery Sirpis, Group Publisher, SLED; Vice President and Publisher
Route Fifty

State and local governments on the brink of revolutionary transformations, how can you help meet the moment and share your solutions? Route Fifty, a Government Executive Media Group brand, provides an in-depth look at the state of state and local government as well as strategies for success.

How to Find Your Audience in Government Contracting

Janet Waring, Founding Partner
Artform Business Solutions

One of the most frustrating things in Government Contracting is the inability to identify, contact, and connect with prospective federal buyers. A skill critical to surviving this hyper-competitive ecosystem, but rarely mastered. And truthfully, “walking the halls” in this industry has never been harder for a business developer.

Whether it’s due to legal concerns or a pandemic, establishing that vital human-to-human connection in Government Contracting is becoming increasingly difficult as the federal workforce condenses. The Pulse of GovCon sat down with Janet Waring, Founding Partner at ArtForm Business Solutions and Government Marketing University Professor to talk tactics.

EVENT: 2021 Content Marketing Review: Reaching the Public Sector

Brought to you by GMarkU Strategic Alliance Partner, Market Connections

Blogs, white papers, videos, podcasts or reports: public sector decision-makers turn to thought-leading sources like these to inform their buying decisions, learn about new technologies, and gauge vendors. As marketers trying to reach these niche audiences, it’s important for us to know what types of marketing assets they find most useful and influential, what type of information it should contain, and where they go to find it.

Join Market Connections Thursday, May 20, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT as they present the results of their 2021 Content Marketing Review. The event program will feature a review of key findings followed by a panel of public sector experts who will provide further insights, share their best practices and discuss what these results mean for marketers trying to reach FED and SLED audiences.

Thank you to our Strategic Alliance Partners!
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