August 2021 Issue

A Note from GMarkU

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela

Granted government marketers are not “changing the world” with our marketing campaigns but I do believe that by being a government marketer and providing the necessary messaging and awareness of our products and services we are doing our small part to help our government do mighty things that do change the world.

All of us at Government Marketing University strive to bring programs and initiatives to make the “day-in-the-life” of a government marketer easier. We do this in many ways, but our most proud achievement is our annual GAIN Conference.

GAIN 2021 is in its 6th year and we are excited for what we have planned for this year. Our theme is “It’s All About the Marketer”.

Being a government marketer is amazing, but that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges. You might be a one-person band or a team of many but no matter what the size, we know you have a lot you juggle on a daily basis. Whether setting annual strategies, streaming campaigns, mapping to budgets large and small, the pressure of meeting your KPIs all while meeting the demands of your sales team, we’ve got your back. GAIN 2021 is all about the government marketer. Our agenda will focus on helping you stay agile, keep your ideas fresh and give you an opportunity to hear from industry and marketing experts that understand how to make things happen so you can do your part in helping our government serve our country.

Join us for GAIN 2021 3-part series launching in November 2021. As always, if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you at

Lou Anne Brossman
Founder and Strategic Advisor

The Clock is Ticking for GAIN 2021 Early Registration

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GAIN 2021 is in its 6th year and we are excited for what we have planned for this year. All in a new format with episodes streaming over a 3-week period in November 2021 so you can watch and learn at your own pace.

Episode One: Strategic Marketing (Streaming November 4th)
Episode Two: Government Personas (Streaming November 11th)
Episode Three: Campaign Marketing (Streaming November 18th)

Our agenda will focus on helping you stay agile, keep your ideas fresh and give you an opportunity to hear from government, industry and marketing thought leaders that understand how to make things happen, just like we know you do. Join us for this 3-part series with content tailored just for you, the government marketer.  

Episode 1: Strategic Marketing
Keynote Speaker

It’s All About the Marketer
Russ Klein, CEO
American Marketing Association (AMA)

Episode 1: Strategic Marketing will unlock some of the best ways to ensure that your next government marketing strategy will be the most effective one to date. We will also discuss how to harness marketing’s expanded role to support career growth and accelerate your foundational contribution to the evolution of any organization.

Episode 2: Government Personas
Keynote Speakers

The Right Audience. The Right Message. The Right Time.

Episode 2: Government Personas will help you learn how you can drive relevant and measurable marketing outcomes while helping your government customers cut through the noise and get solutions to their problems.

Andrea Mohamed, Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Communications, RTI International

Blake Eckert, Director of Marketing and Communications, Geocent

Calling all Vendors: GAIN 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Gain exposure with the most influential government marketing budget decision makers by becoming a Sponsor at our 6th annual GAIN Conference! Over the course of the conference, you will have the opportunity to raise your brand awareness and generate new leads.

GAINer Awards Are Open!

Know any fearless government marketers who have excelled in their careers by taking risks, pushing the limits, and achieving stand out successes in government marketing?

Check out prior GAINer award winners.

Be sure to give yourself, your friend or your customer some kudos!

2021 GAINer Government Marketing Award nominations deadline October 4th.

How to Target the RIGHT Local Governments by Using Annual Expenditure Instead of Population

By Ron Mester, Founder & CEO
Power Almanac

Many local government marketers target cities and counties with large populations. Doesn’t a larger population mean a larger budget, and a larger budget mean a more qualified buyer? Nope.  By only targeting local governments with large populations, you’re missing out on 50-90% of your target market.

Learn why you need to make your new targeting strategy based on annual expenditure.

13th Annual Federal Media & Marketing Study 2021
October 21, 2021 Release Date

Brought to you by Strategic Alliance Partner Market Connections

In its 13th year, the Federal Media & Marketing Study continues to empower marketers to hone and perfect their strategic marketing campaigns with valuable and reliable data directly from their federal customers. The survey provides key information about the federal audience’s media usage across print, broadcast, social and digital sources. Combining this data with demographics including: job function, location, purchase area and more, marketers have the ability to slice and dice the data and map each to specific media habits, allowing them to target specific audiences.

Federal Fiscal New Year Kick-Off *BEST PRACTICES*
October 1, 2021, 12:00 – 1:50 PM ET

Brought to you by J Schaus & Associates

Join Founder and Strategic Advisor for GMarkU, Lou Anne Brossman along with other Government Marketing Thought Leaders including Mark Amtower, Carroll Bernard and Kris Brinker as they discuss Marketing Best Practices during J Schaus & Associates Fiscal New Year Kick-Off webinar.

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