Partnering to Grow GMarkU in Support of Its Community

Government Marketing University’s (GMarkU) Co-Founder, Stephanie Geiger, recently joined GovExec as Executive Vice President. Geiger is continuing to lead GMarkU’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations. This partnership gives GMarkU a robust infrastructure to help maximize and expand its skill-based offerings to its community and grow into new distribution channels through GovExec’s portfolio of brands.

We asked members of the GMarkU community what impact the integration of GMarkU and GovExec will have within the industry.

Here’s what they said:

More resources. GovExec is a leading industry media outlet in the public sector and features compelling content, ideas, and business intelligence tools for government marketers and federal contractors in the community. GMarkU will have the opportunity to expand its existing marketing and communications training tools to government workers and contractors across state, local, defense, and federal industries. Members of the GMarkU community will also have access to GovExce’s vast repository of data that they can use to inform their marketing efforts.

“One word. Resources. GovExec’s strategy to create a unified platform gives the government marketer a soup-to-nuts resource. Marketers now have access to a platform that builds upon GMarkU’s excellent training resources and networking opportunities,” said Blake Eckert, Director of Marketing & Communications, Geocent.

More opportunities. GovExec’s breadth of distribution channels, robust infrastructure and resources support a strategic investment in GMarkU’s long-term goals of providing a membership-based platform. This will allow GMarkU to get more assets, events, training courses, and programs produced and out to members more quickly.

“I think it validates the need for this group in the market and hopefully brings additional infrastructure that pushes GMarkU to get to the next level. From content and market intelligence to audience reach and digital savvy, GovExec brings a lot to the party that can help GMarkU expand its reach and offer additional value,” said Allan Rubin, Marketing Leader, Global Public Sector, Conduent.

More connections. GovExec and GMarkU share a mutual passion for fostering community building, mentorship and helping professionals’ level-up in their expertise. Bringing GovExec’s and GMarkU’s audiences together under one umbrella for professional development, networking, and mentorship opportunities means a larger impact. Together, these brands will help strengthen the overall government marketing community through knowledge sharing opportunities and unparalleled access to industry data and resources.

“GMarkU will benefit from the reach of GovExec’s built-in and growing audience while GovExec’s audience will benefit from the curriculum and community GMarkU has built to improve the skills and effectiveness of public sector professionals,” said Andrea Mohamed, Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Communications, RTI International.

If you’re a government marketing professional and want to take advantage of the resources GMarkU and GovExec have to offer, register for this year’s GAIN conference: