Reach the 2M+ Government Buyers on LinkedIn by mastering algorithms. It’s easier than you think!

Mark Amtower, Amtower & Company

Mastering the LinkedIn algorithm in 2021 is easier than you think.

What we know up to this moment is that LinkedIn is one of the most important social platforms for many professionals and digital marketers. It’s a smart way to get to know others, collaborate in terms of business, showcase products, and services, etc.

The first thing we see on LinkedIn as soon as we sign in is some trending posts that have gained tons of engagement from our connections (mostly). There’s also an option that lets us choose whether we want to sort posts by Top (the ones that have just been shared) or by Relevance (what most interests us).

But, how does LinkedIn know what we’re actually looking for? They don’t know us. Maybe, we’re not even active on LinkedIn that much. LinkedIn pushes what might seem relevant to us, based on where we comment to, who we follow, where we spend the most time to, etc.

Just like any other social platform, engagement on LinkedIn is crucial. We want our posts to be exposed and reach as many people as possible and get as many engagements as possible.

LinkedIn shows what you engage with to almost everyone you’re connected to – different from Twitter, for example.

Here’s how you can master LinkedIn Algorithm in 2021

  1. LinkedIn is more attracted to texts. Unlike Instagram or Pinterest, your main focus should go to writing helpful, smart, and quality content.
  2. Find the best time to post. Social platforms are not magical tools. It is all about finding when your connections are mostly online so that they can interact with your posts. Tools like Publer help you find what time your posts got the most engagement. This is how we know that posting to LinkedIn on Fridays at 1:30 PM is one of the most smartest decisions! Check below one of the posts that properly showcase the huge engagement Publer gets on LinkedIn at that exact time.
  3. Hashtags. Smart hashtags. If you’re thinking: is that even a proper phrase to use? We’ll answer with a firm ‘Yes’. Use up to 3 #hashtags that really go along with the content. Don’t distract the audience. Your post might contain a text dedicated to what’s the weather like in your country – you shouldn’t add irrelevant hashtags like #seekingforjob, simply to become part of that!
  4. Comments > Likes > Shares – This is the right way to start engaging with other’s posts. Comments have the fastest results. You’ll with no doubt appear in many users’ feeds. Then comes the ‘Like’ or other reactions available (celebrate, support, love, insightful, curious). Sharing other’s posts is considered quite a loss of time compared to the previous engagements.
  5. If you’re into video marketing, don’t forget about making them up to 1 minute long and add subtitles. LinkedIn isn’t the average social platform you’re used to connect with others. Professionals are closing important deals for future partnerships. Nobody has the time to view fun videos about cats – that’s what YouTube is for!

To conclude – embrace the power of LinkedIn and use it to your advantage. There are over 500 million users (half of which are monthly active users).