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The Seven Deadly Sins, destroying your win rates.

Have you ever used the term deadly or cardinal sins to describe someone who made an unrecoverable mistake? The original deadly sins were inspired by mankind’s perpetual struggle to rise above their animalistic instincts and rein in the emotions of lust, pride, greed, gluttony, envy,…Read more »

GAIN 2022: Where Public Sector Sales and Marketing Converge

After six years of growing into the premier conference for government marketers, we’re excited to present the future of GAIN—a two-part event for everyone in the GovCon ecosystem from business development to sales to communications. We heard your calls for an event that fosters relationships…Read more »

GAIN 2022 2-part Series

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IDEATION: A Community Staple During COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has created an opportunity for me to deepen my relationships in the GovCon community. Early in 2020 the Ideation call was set up by Government Marketing University. As many as 70 government marketers would Zoom in and share tips and best practices…Read more »

Fusing Gov’t and Industry: Event Go/No Go

This training will provide you with the data, tools, and techniques you need to successfully build and maintain relationships in this evolving era of relationship building.

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Protege Application

New year, new opportunities. Our Mentor Protégé Program is designed to help you uncover your inner greatness and harness that power in your career journey. Mentoring is both a “get and give” experience with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both mentors and protégés. A new job or the next big promotion, our Mentor Protégé program strives to create relationships where mentors and proteges can partner with each other to level up, enable, and inspire. Are you ready for dynamic personal growth and a platform for professional success?

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How the Brain’s Mirror Neuron System Can Impact Your Sales Success

In a recent blog, Stephanie Geiger wrote that personalizing engagements is key to increasing sales within the public sector. Taking this a step further, I invite you to consider how the brain’s mirror neuron system can impact these personalized engagements. In his New York Times…Read more »

Mental Fitness – Introducing the Universal Saboteur, The Judge

In my blog published in November 2021, entitled Mental Fitness – The X-Factor for Crushing Government Marketing, I shared that you can improve your government marketing results by strengthening your Mental Fitness. Per Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence,…Read more »

Personalizing Engagements With The Public Sector

Before B2G professionals were able to reliably segment audiences, marketing professionals waged big budget, shock-and-awe campaigns that carpet bombed markets with posters, billboards, newspaper pages and mass market radio ads. They made a splash, but costly “spray and pray” campaigns didn’t always get noticed by…Read more »

Public-Sector Marketing That Works: 9 Steps to Developing a Strategic Plan

Successfully marketing products and services to the public sector starts with a strategic plan based on solid research and specific goals that can be implemented and evaluated in a timely manner. During GAIN 2021’s session, “Rethinking Your Playbook: 9 Steps for Setting a Cohesive Annual…Read more »