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The Federal View Teaser

The Federal View CANDID COMMENTARY AND INSIGHT   BECOME A MEMBER ABOUT THE CHANNEL The Federal View podcast series offers candid commentary and insight on current headlines and hot topics from GMarkU Ambassadors, who are all former government trailblazers who served in senior leadership roles….Read more »

Government Affairs & Public Policy Teaser

Government Affairs & Public Policy GET YOUR CONGRESSIONAL GROOVE ON   BECOME A MEMBER ABOUT THE CHANNEL Government Affairs is defined as the process of influencing public policy at all levels of governance for state, local and federal government.   Government Affairs along with Public Policy…Read more »

The real Talk Teaser

THE REAL TALK BREAKING DOWN THE FACTS OR FICTION IN FEDERAL POLICIES AND MANDATES   BECOME A MEMBER ABOUT THE CHANNEL Welcome to The Real Talk for Government, a podcast series from Government Marketing University. The Real Talk Podcast Series breaks down the latest facts…Read more »

The Government Huddle Teaser

The Government Huddle ALIGNING THE WHY WITH THE HOW   BECOME A MEMBER ABOUT THE CHANNEL The Government Huddle Podcast Series will take a deep dive on current trends, making bold, educated predictions about the market, learning from expert guests and discovering innovative concepts on…Read more »


Government Marketing Visionaries ALIGNING THE WHY WITH THE HOW   BECOME A MEMBER ABOUT THE CHANNEL Bringing wisdom and vision to government marketers, leading us with new concepts, ideas and proven strategies for success. GMarkU’s Government Marketing Visionary Channel brings together government marketers who are…Read more »

On Demand The Customer Journey: Harnessing the Power of Your Data

The Customer Journey: Harnessing the Power of Your Data

Are you taking advantage of the data available on your government prospects? When you know what data to look for, you can know who your prospects are, where they are in their journey, and the best ways to make a meaningful and personalized connection with them.

Increase prospect engagement and build loyalty that will pay off now and in the long term. Chances are that your problem is not about whether you have data – you probably have plenty — maybe even more than you know what to do with. Instead, the problem is knowing which data is important and how to utilize valuable insights to improve the way you engage with your prospects.

Download GMarkU’s Power Hour to start transforming your marketing data into actionable insights and experience these benefits:

  • Increased marketing efficiency with a data-driven approach to discovering, analyzing and influencing your customers’ journeys.
  • Enhanced ability to generate more and better qualified leads by combining marketing data with a lead scoring system to generate and identify sales-qualified leads.
  • Better marketing and sales alignment for engaging high-priority accounts by tapping into better visibility and insights into buying habits.
  • Conquer your quest for integrated marketing by learning the tools available for enabling multiple-touch campaigns.

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On Demand Hybrid Events: Harness the Power of Combined In-Person and Virtual Experiences

Hybrid Events – The New 2021 Normal

Actionable insights into how to adapt your 2021 event strategy to combine “live” in-person events with a “virtual” online component.

To say that the last six months have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. In a matter of days, live events and conferences that had been planned months in advance were suddenly postponed or canceled.

Virtual events became the new normal, and we had to learn how to create effective programs. Through all of this, we learned that while virtual events certainly have their benefits, live events will always be an important part of any robust marketing plan. Hybrid events, or events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences, will be an essential part of the new normal in 2021.


Hybrid events are nothing to fear.

They are also easier to host than you might think. Despite what you might believe, they do not require a ton of high-end technology, you can make a quality hybrid event with accessible technology that does not require years of experience and expertise.

Download GMarkU’s Power Hour to learn:

  • What the government events model will look like in 2021
  • The right questions to ask when exploring a hybrid event concept
  • How to plan and budget for this new model, inclusive of both digital and live elements
  • Ways to differentiate your brand in a crowded events space
  • 10 reasons why hybrid events are essential to your 2021 event strategy

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Thought Leadership template

A surefire way to get your company brand visible within the U.S. Public Sector is to have a well thought out Thought Leadership Strategy. GMarkU’s process driven marketing strategy resource will ensure you have success in your goal of Thought Leadership Excellence.

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The Government Customer Journey template

The “Government” Customer Journey is the complete sum of experiences that government customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Get ahead of the Customer Journey to include before, during and after customers have experience your product or service by leveraging this resource to map out the right stages for your marketing.

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Govt Marketing Tactics: Creating a Rolling Thunder template

Now you’ve established the budget breakdown, it’s time to talk tactics. Tactics are those specific turn-by-turn elements that drive marketing activities toward your ultimate goal based on the marketing strategy you’ve selected. Download this resource to learn how to develop a marketing plan that creates a rolling thunder of activities.

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