Kirit Amin

4+ Decades in Federal Government Leadership Roles

Without trials and tribulations success is hard to achieve if not impossible. So goes with my Federal IT
career of over 40 years from both the private and public sector perspectives. Just like a battle hardened
soldier, I have scars to show while having been a humble recipient of over fifteen awards of excellence
from some of the most prestigious Federal IT organizations and media.

My award winning SES public sector career as CIO/DCIO, CTO and Chief Innovation Officer at four
different Federal Departments/Agencies was a testament to my long private sector tenure that
successfully progressed from an entry level engineer to executive ranks of Director, VP, SVP and
President/Board of Directors.

My near, mid and long term strategy based vision supported by a proven and robust three pillared
platform of People, Processes and Technology has been the outcome of my long career. My passion for
public service is still burning bright and along with my IT expertise I firmly believe in my abilities to bring
the necessary steps forward to work across the whole spectrum of IT modernization from requirements
to acquisition and budgets to implementation.

Technology is often used as driver of business and mission which leads to inefficient solutions. I firmly
believe IT is an enabler to deliver specific mission goals better, faster and cheaper. This strategy requires
a very close relationship and collaboration with the business leadership as well as the CFO for budgeting
and the acquisition/contracts to structure the appropriate technology and integrator partner.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the workings and missions of respective federal agencies is also a very
valuable asset I also have acquired over my four plus decade long career of working at the State
Department, DHS (USSS, CBP, USCIS, ICE), Department of Commerce, HUD, US International Trade
Commission, NASA, Department of Treasury (IRS, FinCEN, TIGTA, FMS), Department of Agriculture
(APHIS), USAF, US Army, etc.

In Washington DC more often than not one’s career is driven by who you know rather than what you
know. My career has strictly been built on my appropriate academics (BS Electrical Engineering/Exec. MS
Technology Management) combined with my 40+ years of Federal IT experience and a passion for public

My wish is to now impart my in-depth Federal IT knowledge by on the job grooming of and training the
next generation Federal IT experts while helping to instill operational excellence as basis for